Children’s levels are depending on their previous skiing experience and ability.

Fun and safety are our priorities.


Helmets Mandatory!


The little ones will be in our kidsland in Lech. The focus is on playfull skiing. This is where the magic happens; the first turns. Getting your kids excited about skiing and mountains is what we aim for.

Beginners: Introduction / Schuss / Snowplough / Turns

Children’s first time skiing! Learning the 'ski-schuss' (French fries) is a natural progression once you have mastered moving on the flat. Then, they learn how to snow-plough, alias “pizza” (brake) and ski short descents or for older children to turn on a slope and to use the lifts.

Intermediate: Turns / Skilift / Edges / Alpin ski & carving basics

Children can make their turns and learn to use the lift so that they can tackle more difficult slopes. Skiing blue slopes more and more easy is the aim.


Advanced: Basic carving / Ski poles / Parallel skiing / Carving

This level sees a repetition of turning skills and an introduction to basic carving by means of a progressive set of exercises i.e. concentrating on positional angles. Parallel skiing is not far off and will be mastered. 

The children learn to bring the skis parallel while turning i.e. the legs are brought together earlier. Parallel skiing is the aim. Depending on their age children can repeat this level several times but various ski games and teaching aids mean the lessons are never boring.

Experts: Parallel skiing / Carving short / Race carving / Speed / Tricks / Bumps / Fun Park

Pole planting is mastered to consolidate parallel skiing skills and is followed by learning to ski on edges without sliding out (carving). At this level the children are going faster so we are aiming for speed control and have a good understanding of the rules of the piste.

Perfecting carving skills (skiing on edges without sliding out). The children also learn to ski on steeper slopes and practise powder skiing and bumps.

Freeride: Parallel skiing / Bumps / Offpiste

At this level the children are going everywhere on the mountain.

so we are aiming for speed control and have a good understanding of the rules and safety guidelines off-piste. Perfecting carving skills in all snow conditions. The children will learn about the dangers and safety tools. All children will where avalanche gear.